“I’ve joined CloudWalker for 2 day hikes so far – one around the Amerongse bos and the other hike in the National park of Veluwe. Both hikes were quite enjoyable because of good seasonal locations, great group of people and they were well organized. I know Veronica from before CloudWalker. She is an easy-going and a cheerful person, which makes her a great organizer and host. I haven’t tried the weekend or the longer trips organized by CloudWalker, but would love to join them in the near future!” – Abdul, October 2018

“Taking the hiking clinic made my hiking goal feel achievable. It was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which Veronica gave tailormade advice, including some handy tips for women on a hike!  The clinic made me enthusiastic to start practising and both confirmed and expanded my practical knowledge. And Veronica is great company: warm, friendly and genuinely interested in you. I can recommend it!” – Juanita, July 2018