To join one of the monthly free hikes offered in the Netherlands, sign up on the Cloudwalker Meetup page. Most hikes are 20+ kilometres, in variated landscapes. Some involved a visit to a castle, some are through dunes and on the beach and others in the forest. Groups are a maximum of 25 people, all from different nationalities. The aim of these hikes is to bring people together who are passionate about nature and outdoors.

Several times a year, hiking weekends are organised as well. The pilgrim weekends are meant for people who are curious about the benefits (and challenges) of long distance hiking and want to get an idea how it is to be a pilgrim, on a physical but also on a mental level. We follow parts of old pilgrim routes leading to destinations as Rome, Lourdes and Santiago de Compostela. Overnight we stay at pilgrim hostels and monestaries. The ´Go with the slow´ weekends are usually shorter distances where we have more time to discover the surroundings and what impact nature has on us. On all weekend hikes we practice ´Hikefulness´ which means being mindful while hiking. We do various excercices bringing mind, body and nature together.

Keep an eye out for hiking weekends on the CloudWalker Meetup page.