Happy hikeful 2019!

This year has definitely been an interesting hiking year for me. Starting up the hiking part of CloudWalker has been exhilarating. In less than a year I have built up a hiking community with more than 450 members! All people with a love for hiking, how cool is that?! We have done a whopping 11 day hikes and a couple of pilgrim weekends in 11 months! I love to bring people together with a shared interest for the outdoors and who wants to explore both the physical as mental aspects of long distance hiking / going on a pilgrimage.

In 2019 we will continue with the day hikes. Some of the favourites from last year will come back but I am also introducing some new ones, some in combination with another activity (which I am still working on!). I have a few pilgrim weekends planned too with more to come. I have just walked a few days of the contemporary pilgrimage The Walk of Wisdom, which is a 136 kilometres loop set in stunning nature in east of the Netherlands. In the spring I will take a group for a couple of days on that route. Looking forward to that!

A few months back I hiked the 580 kilometres pilgrim route St. Olavsleden which runs from the Swedish to the Norwegian coast, with end destination the cathedral Nidaros in Trondheim. What an amazing but challenging experience! I hiked 4 weeks pretty much on my own, meeting only one other pilgrim on the way. Even though I like hiking alone, I did miss the fun and cosiness of sharing food and chats with fellow pilgrims after a long day on the trail. I know people sometimes find the crowds a bit overwhelming on the more popular pilgrimages in Spain, I know a did at times, but are a bit reluctant to take on St. Olavsleden on their own, due to the loneliness. My intention is to take a small group hiking the last 7 days of St Olavsleden later in 2019. During the day everyone is free to hike on their own while the evenings are spent together and in that way bringing the best of the 2 worlds together!

Personally I am looking forward to 2 new pilgrimages this coming year. I want to try out the Tour de Vézelay, a 140 kilometres pilgrim loop (so starting and ending in the same place) in France. I am also very curious about the more challenging camino primitivo in Spain, which runs through the Cantabrian mountains. And, if time and money permits, I would love to hike the Scottish highlands. Staying in small bed and breakfasts, exploring old castles on the way, having a pint in the local pub.. you get the picture, right?!

So I am really looking forward to a happy and exciting hikeful 2019 and I truly hope you do too! Use the meetup group to sign up for the events here.

If hiking is new to you, or you might be more experienced, don´t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments or would like to book me for a clinic or a presentation. Looking forward to hear from you!

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