Barefoot walking

Last Sunday CloudWalker organised a slightly different walk. We walked for about 12 kilometres without wearing shoes! Catherina, a member of CloudWalker hiking group and a professional barefoot walker, guided us on this mindful (or feetful rather…) and fun walk through the stunning dune and beach landscape outside Wassenaar. The walk started with some warming up exercises and some interesting information about our feet. Like why we should avoid both flip flops and high heels and why we should walk barefoot more often. It will strengthen the feet and the bones, which makes sense considering a foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments. And our feet carries the rest of our body! After a careful start (some were struggling more than others!), we all got into a nice walking pace while being mindful of the various types of grounds we were walking on. The soft, warm sand and the cooling, wet grass where easy and pleasant to walk on. The forest paths with pine cones, branches and a fair amount of biting ants where a bit more challenging! The hike ended with a short walk over the beach and a swim in the sea to clean and sooth our tired feet!  

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