Preparing a pilgrimage

In 2015 I had the opportunity to go on a pilgrimage. I walked 800 kilometres to Santiago de Compostela. As I didn´t know what to expect, what to bring or how to plan, I went online in search of information. It was a rather overwhelming experience I must say! Thousands of pages and sites with diverse and quite often contradicting information, it just made my head spin. It seemed like a pilgrimage would only be successful with the latest high teach gear and the most colourful hiking outfits. To me, a pilgrimage is about simplicity and to leave this gadget obsessed world behind for a little while… I just couldn´t find myself in this maze of information. And stubborn as I am, I walked the whole stretch in my old favourite jeans and not in a pair of  recommended ultra-light hiking trousers with zip-off legs and an infinite number of pockets (and I was fine, obviously! As long as it didn´t rain…)!

Are you about to embark on this incredible journey but feel just as overwhelmed as I did? I be happy to help you get sorted. During a 2,5 hours hiking clinic I will help you define your pilgrim goals, I work out a personal training schedule and help you with the practicalities as gear, foot care, how to pack your bag and what food to bring. I also talk you through possibilities of accommodation and access to food and water during the way. At last we have a chat about the mental and emotional challenges you might experience during your journey. You can easily book your clinic through the contact page. If you live outside the Netherlands, an online clinic can be arranged. Send me a message and we work out the arrangements. 












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