Why I hike

There are all different reasons why we do things and those reasons may change. Lately I have been doing a  lot of hiking. The reasons behind are several. Firstly, I am on the verge of change. Starting up CloudWalker is obviously a big change but there are more to come. I am not sure what yet, it is still undefined, in a shell. But it´s coming. Being outdoors, hiking, where thoughts can run wild and space is created where the heart can speak freely helps the process. A long hike is a small step in the right direction.  Secondly I am training for a pilgrimage. Later this summer I am hiking the ancient 580 kilometres pilgrim route St. Olavsleden, through Sweden and Norway, check it out here. I will post more about the route later.  A third reason I hike a lot at the moment is because of my Meetup  CloudWalker hiking group. Once a month I take a bunch of internationals for a fun day of hiking, somewhere here in the Netherlands. I love bringing people together that share the same passion for hiking and nature. If you live or just visiting the area and want to join, check it out here.

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