Long Distance Hiking, Pilgrimages, Hikefulness

CloudWalker Consultancy is a concept that connects people to nature through long distance hiking, pilgrimages and hikefulness. CloudWalker offers monthly free long distance hikes throughout the Netherlands. A few times a year, pilgrim weekends and Hikefulness weekend are organised. Hikefulness means being mindful while hiking. Sign up for these events through the CloudWalker Meetup page. In addition to the hikes, CloudWalker offers hiking and pilgrim clinics, hiking training schedules  and various Hikefulness trainings. Presentations and workshops are possible too. Have a look under Consultations for more information.

Veronica Nilsson, a Swede based for many years in the Netherlands, is the founder of CloudWalker. The outdoors have always been a passion and she used to spend her childhood hiking, skiing, skating and exploring. Her sense of adventure has taken her on hiking trips to various places as Snowdonia, the Himalayas and Torres del Paine in Chile. In 2015 she did her first longer pilgrimage to Santiago de Compstela, a 800 kilometres  journey on foot through North of Spain. In 2018 she walked the 580 kilometers long St. Olavsleden, a pilgrimage from the coast in Sweden, with end destination Trondheim in Norway.

When not hiking or playing with her Jack Russell terrier Doodle, Veronica works as a registered dietitian specialised in behavioural therapy relating to health and nutrition. She is a certified ACT coach, walking coach and Mindful walk instructor.DSC_3927_31b bewerkt